Tetrion Powerfil 2K Filler - 1Kg



Tetrion 2K Filler is a super smooth multi-purpose 2 part filler, ideal for large and small jobs especially outdoor projects which require a heavy duty filler.

Super Smooth.

Suitable for metals, wood, stone and most plastics.

Easy to Sand

Tetrion Powerfil 2K Filler is a super smooth, multi-purpose, 2 part filler. Ideal for large and small jobs, especially outdoor projects which require a heavy duty filler. Sets in minutes, creating an easy to sand, very tough and very smooth repair. Kit contains hardener, spreader and mixing dish.



  • Super smooth
  • Easily spread
  • Suitable for metals, wood, stone and most plastics
  • Easy to sand
  • Can be drilled, painted and shaped
  • Screwable and sandable 


  • Prepare the surface by removing all dirt, grease, moisture and loose material from the area to be treated. Also ensure all mixing equipment is clean
  • Mix 1 part hardener to 50 parts Filler (pea : golfball) or 2%. Mix thoroughly until all coloured hardener is dispersed and no coloured streaks are evident
  • Apply Filler immediately with the spreader. Setting reaction commences after 5 minutes and paste will become fully cured and sandable after 20 minutes (at an ambient temperature of 18°C/65°F)
  • Sand the repair down to the required level only when paste is fully set
  • Correct any imperfection with more filler mixture, only after the application is cured

Note: Tetrion 2K Filler is best used in warm, dry, well-ventilated conditions. In hotter temperatures the filler mix will cure more quickly. In cooler conditions the filler will take longer to cure completely. If necessary, mix a small quantity of hardener to test curing time.


IMPORTANT: Never use too much hardener. Never return unused paste to tin. Keep paste cool in summer and warm in winter.



250g - TKK250

600g - TKK600

1kg - TKK001 

2kg - TKK002

3.5kg - TKK035

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