Tetrion Ready Mixed All Purpose Filler - 2Kg



Water and weather resistant

Drillable and tappable

Resistant to vibration, shrinkage, sagging and cracking

Resilientto expansion and contraction

Highly versatile- Suitable for multiple surface applications

Tetrion All Purpose Ready Mixed Filler offers all the same benefits as the powder formulation but with the added advantage of easier preparation. It seals and fills most household materials including plaster, wood, stone, concrete and brickwork. Available in various sizes of pots as well as a convenient ready mixed tube.


  • Water and weather resistant
  • Drillable and tappable
  • Resistant to vibration, shrinkage, sagging and cracking
  • Resilient to expansion and contraction
  • Highly versatile - suitable for multiple surface applications
  • Ready mixed for convenience for quick repair jobs
  • Super smooth
  • High strength polymer re-enforced
  • Over-paintable



  • Ensure all surfaces are dry, clean and free from loose materials
  • If required stir before use and add a few drops of water to improve workability. If you are using the tube, work the tube with your fingers
  • Apply with a filling knife and smooth off immediately with a wet blade
  • Setting will occur in approximately 4-6 hours depending on the depth of fill and atmospheric conditions
  • After 24 hours filler can be sanded and then overpainted with most household paints
  • Overpaint with an oil based paint when used externally. Prime with a suitable sealer when overpainting with a water-based paint
  • After using the product, replace the plastic disc and lid to ensure remaining filler stays in good condition

Advice: Tetrion All Purpose Filler should be applied in layers of no less than 3mm and no greater than 10mm to ensure adhesion

Tetrion All Purpose Filler can be drilled or tapped provided that the depth of the set filler is at least equal to that of the screw/plug.

Under long term storage, the product may seperate slightly, if this is the case, stir before use.


Important: Do not use in wet or damp conditions or use on surfaces regularly underwater. Do not sandwich between layers of paint and/or sealants.


600g - TRM600

1Kg - TRM106

2Kg - TRM002

330g - DTE330 (Tube)

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