Tetrion Smart Filler - 1L



Very tough

Fast setting

Doesn't shrink, crack or sag

Super smooth finish

As strong as wood!

Tetrion Smart Filler is a super lightweight filler which is ideal for filling large holes or hairline cracks in one easy application. It will not shrink, crack or slump and is super smooth with little or no sanding required. Microlite technology ensures Smart Filler sets 10x stronger than ordinary lightweight fillers, meaning you can nail or screw straight into the filler with no need for wall plugs or drilling. The fast-drying formula can be over-painted or wallpapered in 15 minutes and is suitable for use on a wide variety of substrates.

The Microlite glass bubbles present in Smart Filler help to keep the filler weight at an absolute minimum. The high strength nature of these glass bubbles means that Smart Filler can easily compete with traditional fillers when it comes to drilling, screwing and tapping.

1 Litre


  • Very tough
  • Fast setting
  • Doesn't shrink, crack or sag
  • Super smooth finish
  • As strong as wood!


  • Ensure the surfaces are dry, clean and free from dust, grease and other loose materials. Remove all decayed wood down to dry, sound material
  • Allow the damp wood to dry out completely before applying the filler
  • Stir the filler thoroughly before use to ensure a smooth paste. If the product is too dry, add a few drops of water
  • Apply with a wet blade for a super smooth finish
  • On normal holes, the maximum strength is reached in 24 hours
  • After use: Always replace the polythene seal and re-seal lid securely. Protect from frost.


Note: Tetrion Smart Filler can be over-painted with water-basd paints as soon as the surface is dry (approx.15 mins). Can be painted with oil-based paints after 12 hours. When using nails, screws or plugs, leave for atleast 24 hours depending on atmospheric conditions, for deep holes allow 1-3 days for maximum strength.


1L - TST001

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