Car Gods Paintwork Prep Bug Sap Tar Iron Fallout Remover & Shampoo Car Wash kit



The Car Gods Prep & Wash Collection contains 7 products to pre-clean paintwork and shampoo for a deep paintwork clean

Car Gods Bug & Sap remover lifts embdedded bugs & sap from the vehicle windscreen, headlamps and painted surface

Car Gods Tar Dissolver dissolves and Removes tar, sticker adhesives, oil and greasy film, glue and diesel deposits from vehicle paintwork

Car Gods Fall Out Eliminator highlights and removes stubborn iron oxide fallout deposits from paintwork, metal, glass, plastic and trim

Car Gods Wash Mitt is a premium quality microfibre noodle mitt designed to gently and thoroughly clean your vehicle. Car Gods Microfibre Application & Buffing Cloth a premium quality plush microfibre cloth to help aid in a variety of detailing tasks. Plus Car Gods Extra Large super absorbent drying towel for a streak, swirl and water spot free finish.

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