Car Gods Ultimate Wheel Cleaner and Detailing Kit



The Car Gods Ultimate Wheel Cleaning and Detailing Kit contains 7 items to achieve wheel perfection - clean, detail and wax protect alloy wheels, wheel trims and tyre walls

Car Gods Wheel Perfection pH Neutral Wheel Cleaner lifts and removes iron splinters, baked on brake dust, road grime and dirt from alloy wheels and wheel trims.

Apollo Wheel Perfection Wax in an instant wheel sealant to provide an invisible, protective shield over the alloy wheel and wheel trim surface. Helps prevent the build-up of stubborn dirt, road grime and brake dust.

Car Gods Black Angel Tyre Serum revitalises and conditions tyre walls providing optimum protection that lasts whatever the weather. For a satin finish apply 1 coat, for a glossier finish apply 2 coats.

Car Gods Alloy wheel brush features non-abrasive durable bristles perfect for cleaning brake dust, road grime and dirt from wheels. Car Gods Applicator Set with Handle is super soft microfiber and foam pad evenly applies waxes, polishes, sealants, creams, and glazes, Safe to use on hard surfaces, paints and clear coats. Plus Car Gods Microfibre Application & Buffing Cloth a premium quality plush microfibre cloth to help aid in a variety of detailing tasks.

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