Car Gods Wheel Cleaner, Car Wash Shampoo & Paintwork Sealant Kit



The Car Gods Wash & Protect kit contains 6 products designed to clean and protect paintwork

The Car Gods pH Neutral Pure Shampoo tackles stubborn surface contaminants and cleanses paintwork of dirt & grime

Car Gods pH Neutral Wheel Cleaner lifts and removes iron splinters, baked on brake dust, road grime and dirt from alloy wheels and wheel trims.

Car Gods Holy Water Secret Shield features a special blend of polymers and silicones which bond to the paintwork surface to provide a long lasting, hydrophobic, protective shield.

Car Gods Wash Mitt is a premium quality microfibre noodle mitt designed to gently and thoroughly clean your vehicle. Car Gods Alloy wheel brush features non-abrasive durable bristles perfect for cleaning brake dust, road grime and dirt from wheels. Plus Car Gods Extra Large super absorbent drying towel for a streak, swirl and water spot free finish.

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