Carlube Diesel Injector Cleaner - 300ml



Carlube Engine Oil Treatment is a concentrated blend of high performance additives and shear stable polymer formulated to provide extra protection for petrol and diesel engine oils.

Increased and revitalised engine oil protection

Reduced engine wear and prevents sludge build up

Reduces carbon deposits and oil consumption

Suitable for petrol and diesel engines

Carlube Diesel Injector Cleaner has been specially formulated to ensure maximum fuel efficiency in all Diesel engines including turbo charged and direct injection systems. Untreated fuel dirt and deposits can build up in injectors, inlet ports and valves which reduces the engine performance and leads to increased fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. 


  • Cleans and protects the entire fuelling system
  • Reduces inlet valve and injector deposits
  • Helps improve fuel economy and reduced smoke emissions
  • Prolongs the life of the fuel system
  • Suitable fur use with turbo chargers and catalytic converters


Add entire contents to a full tank of Diesel. Treats up to 50 litres. For best results, use every 3000 miles or once every six months.

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