Demon 7pc Car Care Gift Pack - Includes Demon Shine, Wheels, Foam, Tyres & More



Want the best showroom finish for your car in a fraction of the time? Let Demon do the work.


CarPlan Demon Gift Pack

Kit Contents:

  • CarPlan Demon Foam 1 Litre
  • CarPlan Demon Shine 1 Litre
  • CarPlan Demon Clean 1 Litre
  • CarPlan Demon Wheels 1 Litre
  • CarPlan Demon Tyres 1 Litre
  • Large Sponge
  • Air Freshener (* Style & Scent may vary)

CarPlan Demon Foam Snow Foam Car Shampoo 1L

Revolutionary Demon Foam Snow Foam Car Shampoo is suitable for all exterior surfaces and paintwork finishes.

Specially formulated to create a dense foam that clings to paintwork, effortlessly lifting dirt and contaminant from the surface. High-performance detergents powerfully remove all traces of traffic film, dirt, and grease leaving a spotless, streak-free, shiny finish. Use regularly to maintain car paintwork.

CarPlan Demon Shine Spray on Shine 1 Litre

CarPlan Demon Shine Spray on Shine 1 Litre is a special spray-on treatment that provides a waxed finish without requiring any effort! There is no need to scrub, rub or polish. Simply spray on and your top gloss will be shining for weeks.

Demon Shine is a revolutionary top-gloss shine treatment simply add to a bucket of water, pour over the car, and drive off - that's it! It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Looks as good as if you've hand waxed it for hours! Only you and the Demon will know the truth!

This product can be used on paintwork, wheels, and bumpers.

CarPlan Demon Clean Active Super Clean 1L

Demon Clean is a multi-purpose cleaner that can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces leaving your car clean and sparkling. This product has a subtle and pleasant citrus fragrance

Interior - Suitable for use on hard surfaces. Effectively removes dirt and grease from windows, dashboards and plastic trims, leaving a pleasant citrus fragrance.

Exterior - Use on all plastic and trim surfaces to remove dirt and grime.

This special formula is suitable for use on 4 x 4s, Bikes, Quad Bikes, and all other Vehicles

CarPlan Demon Wheels Fast Wheel Cleaner 1L

A universal wheel cleaner suitable for use on all wheels including chrome, plastic, alloys and split rims.

The active formula removes baked-on brake dust road grime and oil quickly

This special formula is suitable for use on 4 x 4s, Bikes, Quad Bikes, and all other Vehicles

CarPlan Demon Tyres Wet Look Tyres 1L

Demon Tyres leaves a wet-look finish that seals in shine and lasts for weeks. Prevent crazing on tyre walls. No wipe formula

This special formula is suitable for use on 4 x 4s, Cars, Quad Bikes, and many other Vehicles.

Simply pour the formula into trigger bottle, no dilution required... It really is that easy!

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