CarPlan No.1 Super Gloss Plus Microfibre Cloths - 600ml



CarPlan No. 1 Super Gloss. Simply spray onto paintwork, glass, lights, bumpers, trim & wipe off for a brilliant shine. An average size car takes only 10 minutes but the finish, shine, and protection can last up to 12 months! Dust & dirt simply cannot stick.

No hard rubbing or polishing, simply spray on and wipe off. Watch the water bead off, time after time.

First wash your car by your chosen method, by hand, machine, or a valeter then apply No. 1 Super Gloss. It simply takes 10 minutes and lasts 12 months. We recommend you wash with Triplewax Car shampoo for best results. If your paintwork needs restoring then use T-Cut to bring back the original shine.


  • Patented technology
  • No hard rubbing or polishing
  • Easy to apply ONLY takes minutes
  • Locks in the shine for up to a year
  • Use on paintwork, rubber, lights, trim, chrome & glass


Wash your car in the normal way, you're ready to shine! Once your vehicle is clean, simply spray on CarPlan No.1 Super Gloss sparingly and wipe with a clean microfibre cloth. (approx. 2-3 squirts per panel). Allow to dry and lightly buff to a high shine. It's that easy!

Note: Do not use on windscreen and rear window as wiper blades may cause the product to smear.

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