CarPlan Demon Snow Foam Shampoo, Paintwork Sealant, Wheel Cleaner & Interior Kit



Demon Machine is the perfect pre-wash treatment, simply spray all over your vehicle before washing to dissolve grease, road grime, bird lime and tree sap. Follow with Demon Foam creating a dense foam shampoo that clings to paintwork, effortlessly lifting dirt and contaminants from the surface leaving a spotless, streak free finish.

CarPlan Demon Wheels active formula is a removes baked-on brake dust, road grime, and oil quickly. Use with Demon Alloy brush for a deep wheel clean.

Demon Shine gives the 'just waxed' look in minutes, simply spray on and wipe off for a devilish 'mirror finish' shine that lasts for weeks

Demon Clean effectively removes grease and dirt from interior hard surfaces, leaving a squeaky clean and a refreshing citrus fragrance

3-in-1 wash mitt, a super soft and highly absorbent wash mitt with additional bug shifting panel to remove baked on dirt and grime. Plus 3 soft, highly absorbent, microfibre cloths for use inside and outside your vehicle

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