Hammerite Shutz Clear - 1L

SKU: HAM5092838


Hammerite is the number 1 brand in the metal protection industry.

Each of their sophisticated formulas seals out moisture and gives long lasting protection on interior and exterior surfaces

We recommend that you apply the solutions with a brush or roller.

Hammerite 5092838 Clear

1 Litre

  • Kills Rust and prevents reappearance, remains flexible and will not crack or peel
  • Convenient clean and easy to use application
  • Apply to insides of doors, behind sills, internal / underbody structures, light clusters, boot, bonnet sills, floors, box sections, wheel arches and door panels - Or anywhere that water is likely to collect.
  • Unlike chemical inhibitors used in ordinary rust proofers, Waxoyl molecules stays active indefinitely. If the skin is scratched or punctured, Waxoyl creeps back and reseals itself.

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