Hycote Adhesion Promoter - 400ml



Hycote Adhesion Promoter 400ml (1 item)

This product is designed specifically to bond to difficult, non-porous or non-ferrous substrates and to provide a surface suitable for the subsequent application of primers, finishes and lacquers.

For use on rigid, non-porous plastics, including Melamine and Phenol Formaldehydes, rigid [unplasticised] PVC, laminates, and galvanised and non-ferrous metals.Do not use on flexible plastics, thermoplastics such as acrylics, polystyrene, polycarbonates and polyolefins etc.

Eliminates the need for specialised pre-treatments. Promotes optimum adhesion to problematical substrates.

Clear Satin Finish. Suitable for use on most surfaces. Improves paint adhesion for best results. Ideal for use with acrylic top coats.

Hycote primers and preparation products are a comprehensive range of surface preparation and priming products designed for application to a wide variety of substrates. The perfect start to any job.

  • Makes paint stick
  • Enhances paint adhesion
  • Virtually invisible

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