Hycote Bumper Paint Dark Grey - 150ml



Hycote Double Acrylic Bumper & Vinyl Paint Dark Grey 150ml (1 item)

These products are designed for use on automotive bumpers and other forms of polymeric trim.

For use on rigid, non-porous plastics used in automotive construction Do not use on flexible substrates.

Excellent durability. Excellent covering power. Good resilience.

Excellent resistance to sunlight and colour fade.

Hycote double acrylic concentrated paints have been matched by the Hycote Technical team to 293 specific manufacturers and models. They use compressed aerosol technology, which means that with this 150ml size the same coverage is achieved as a conventional 300ml size aerosol.

The paint is fast drying, tough and hard-wearing. It has excellent resistance to sunlight and colour fading, excellent adhesion to primed surfaces and is compatible with OEM finishes, acrylic and cellulosic paints.

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