Hycote Engine Enamel Gloss Red Paint - 400ml



Hycote Engine Enamel Gloss Red Spray Paint 400ml (1 item)

A range of three heat resistant coatings designed to enhance the appearance of automotive engines and to provide protection against corrosion.

Primarily for use on engine blocks and cylinder heads. Do not use on applications where the high temperature attributes are not required or on surfaces where subsequent overcoating with an alternative coating is required.

One step application, products are self priming.

Excellent heat resistance & durability and toughness. Resistant to petrol oils and greases.

Hycote lacquers and high temperature paints are tough products for tough jobs. The range offers products to give protection across a wide range of temperatures and substrates types.

  • Enhances the appearance of high temperature areas
  • Durable corrosion protecting finish
  • For use on many areas of water cooled engines

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