Hycote Extreme Heat Aluminium VHT Paint - 400ml



Hycote VHT Extreme Heat Aluminium Spray Paint 400ml (1 item)

A range of premium quality, high temperature matt finishes with outstanding adhesion to bare ferrous metals, and excellent covering power. This range is designed primarily for use on components exposed to arduous operating conditions. This range must be stoved [cured] or processed at temperatures shown below to develop optimum thermal resistance. For use on automotive and DIY applications, including exhaust systems, manifolds and barbeques, and Industrial uses in chemical plants, refinery protection, stoves, motors, chimneys and flues.

Do not use on surfaces seen or suspected of being unsound, without first ascertaining suitability for use on an inconspicuous area, particularly where any existing coating is present or on areas which are unsuitable for post application stoving or where curing is not possible under operating conditions.

Exceptional thermal stability, up to 650C depending upon colour. Good mechanical strength.

Superb adhesion to bare steel. Resistant to petrol and oils. Excellent exterior durability. Self priming.

Hycote lacquers and high temperature paints are tough products for tough jobs. The range offers products to give protection across a wide range of temperatures and substrates types.

  • No runs, no drips
  • Superior coverage power
  • High temperature resistance

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