Hycote Maintenance Belt Slip - 400ml



Hycote Workshop Belt Slip Maintenance Spray 400ml (1 item)

Belt slip is a specifically formulated high viscosity polymeric product designed to provide a tacky coating with tenacious adhesion, for prevention of slip on industrial belts and conveyors. For use on all applications for elimination of slip under dynamic conditions.

This product is designed for use on all types of conveyors and belts including �V�, round and flat types. Suitable for use on all belts and conveyors.

Instant increases in transmission power. Reduction in energy consumption. Outstanding adhesion and high viscosity prevents centrifugal �throw-off�.

Helps reduce squeaks and squeals. Extends belt and conveyor lives. Resistant to oxidation. Ease of removal.

Hycote has been providing maintenance products for over 30 years. Our dedicated team of chemists and technicians bring expertise and knowledge for looking after vehicles, so you don't have to worry when you are using Hycote maintenance products. You have the assurance that all our products are of the highest quality and will help you get your task completed to the highest standard.

  • Provides a high polymer tacky coating
  • Provides an instant increase in transmission power
  • Reduces energy consumption

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