Hycote Maintenance Copper Grease - 400ml



Hycote Workshop Copper Grease High Temperature Lubricant 400ml (1 item)

A lead free multi-purpose anti-seize compound. For use on all types of threaded components, flanges etc, and other components exposed to temperatures up to 1,100�C, where its use will reduce assembly/dismantling times. It will also protect against seizure caused by corrosion and chemical attack.

This product is used extensively as a brake calliper anti-seize compound. Do not use on any applications other than those shown above.

Reinforced with graphite for improved ambient temperature lubrication. Prevents seizing and galling. Enables fast and easy dismantling of threaded components. Provides anti-seize properties under saturated conditions.

Exceptional salt water corrosion resistance. Allows easy reuse of disassembled components. Does not melt or drip.

Hycote has been providing maintenance products for over 30 years. Our dedicated team of chemists and technicians bring expertise and knowledge for looking after vehicles, so you don't have to worry when you are using Hycote maintenance products. You have the assurance that all our products are of the highest quality and will help you get your task completed to the highest standard.

  • Ideal for use on fast threaded components
  • Exceptional salt water corrosion resistance
  • Does not melt or drip

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