Hycote Satin Black Touch Up Paint - 12.5ml | Case of 24 | 5.24 Each



Hycote Satin Black Touch Up Paint - 12.5ml

Hycote's Colour Brushes are ideal for repairing small chips and scratches in your car's paintwork

The colours are a perfectly matched to the manufacturer's original for a discreet and less noticeable repair

For best results always use a suitable primer before application

Includes handy application brush

Black Touch Up Paint Satin 12.5ml

Hycote colour brushes have been matched by the Hycote Technical team to 98 specific manufacturers and models plus primers and lacquer.

The paint is fast drying, tough and hard wearing. It has excellent resistance to sunlight and colour fading, excellent adhesion to primed surfaces and is compatible with OEM finishes, acrylic and cellulosic. Hycote colour brushes are quick and easy to use for chips and scratches.

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