Hycote Wheel Paint Lacquer - 400ml



Hycote Wheel Paint Lacquer 400ml (1 item)

A fast drying transparent gloss lacquer specially designed for application to automotive wheels.

For use on all types of automotive wheels including steel, alloy, and most plastic trims. This product is specialised wheel paint, and should be used only for the intended application.

Fast Drying. Excellent resistance to weathering. Excellent exterior durability and toughness.

Bright Semi Gloss finishes. Professional finishes.

Hycote protection products are a comprehensive range of protection products for use on your vehicle, protecting the areas that will be subject to potential damage from stones and other road debris. The Hycote wheel range offers a selection of different coloured finishes and lacquers.

  • Exceptionally tough
  • Durable
  • Chip resistant

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