Hycote White Primer Touch Up - 150ml



Hycote Double Acrylic White Primer 150ml (1 item)

The Hycote double acrylic concentrated primers range is based upon updated technology allowing the inclusion of higher concentrations of paint per aerosol compared to standard technologies. This in turn provides up to twice the coverage of most conventional paints, with reduction in applied coats. Hycote double acrylic primers comprise a range of concentrated primers, standard, popular finish coats, a clear lacquer, and a zinc rich primer with enhanced corrosion protection. The primers are designed for use in conjunction with most of the finishes in the Hycote range. The clear lacquer is designed for use over all colour finishes with the exception of Aluminium, to enhance gloss levels, and to improve environmental and physical protection.

For use on all types of metallic, rigid plastics and ceramic surfaces when used in conjunction with the appropriate primers. Do not use on surfaces pre-treated with primers of unknown composition, without first ascertaining suitability of use on a small inconspicuous area.

Professional standard application from the adjustable fan spray nozzle.

Enhanced covering power. Excellent adhesion to metals and rigid plastics.

Hycote double acrylic concentrated paints have been matched by the Hycote Technical team to 293 specific manufacturers and models. They use compressed aerosol technology, which means that with this 150ml size the same coverage is achieved as a conventional 300ml size aerosol.

The paint is fast drying, tough and hard-wearing. It has excellent resistance to sunlight and colour fading, excellent adhesion to primed surfaces and is compatible with OEM finishes, acrylic and cellulosic paints.

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