Hycote Zinc Priming Paint - 400ml



Hycote Ford Zinc Primer 400ml (1 item)

A general purpose range of acrylic based finishes designed to be used in conjunction with Hycote spray paint primers, Hycote bodyshop acrylic primers and most other primers in the Hycote range. This range also contains a clear lacquer intended for use over pearlised and metallic finishes and the acrylic finish range, to enhance gloss levels, and to improve environmental and physical protection.

For use on all types of metallic and rigid plastics surfaces when used in conjunction with the appropriate primers. Do not use on surfaces treated with primers of unknown composition, without first ascertaining suitability of use.

Excellent covering power. Excellent durability. Excellent resistance to sunlight and colour fade.

Excellent adhesion to primed surfaces.

Hycote primers and preparation products are a comprehensive range of surface preparation and priming products designed for application to a wide variety of substrates. The perfect start to any job.

  • Protects against corrosion
  • Contains high purity zinc metal
  • Excellent salt spray resistance

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