Nilco Angel Enzyme Pet & Home Deodouriser Spray 1L



Eradicate unpleasant, lingering smells with Nilco Angel Odour Super Deodoriser. Rooms can be instantly refreshed; trapped odours are removed with a simple spritz reviving any surface or fabric. The colour-safe spray is suitable for use on all materials and eliminates all unwanted odours such as tobacco smoke, pet smells, perspiration, and damp, leaving a fresh cucumber and melon fragrance. Eliminates odours from: Tobacco, Shoes, Cooking, Damp, Waste bins, Body odours, Sanitary, Urine, Body Waste and much more Suitable for use on: Any surface or fabric including outdoor areas, bins, carpets, upholstery and much more Read all precautions before use Directions for use: 1. Shake bottle well and turn spray nozzle to 'ON' 2. Spray Angel Odour in a sweeping motion away from the face into the air or directly on to the odour source 3. Turn spray nozzle to 'OFF' Note: Where persistent pet fouling in specific places occurs, treatment will need to be reapplied after fouling for continuous odour elimination. Rooms should be well ventilated after using Nilco Angel Odour before allowing pets and people to re-enter. Pet birds should be moved to another room whilst treatment is occurring and until the room had been well ventilated. Not for use directly on animals or people.

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