Nilco Angel Glass - Self Cleaning Glass Treatment & Trigger 1L



Nilco Angel Glass features anti-fog technology which locks in shine and shields interior glass, mirrors and shower screens from soap scum, dirt and grime. The powerful self-cleaning action allows water to sheet off the glass, preventing grime and soap from sticking. When used daily, the hydrophilic surface treatment prevents water spotting on shower screens and bathroom fixtures, and prevents mirrors from steaming up. Angel Glass can also be used on bathroom fixtures and fittings to clean and lock in a high shine finish for longer.

Where to use

  • Shower Screens
  • Glass
  • Tiles
  • Mirrors
  • Windows & Doors
  • Taps & Shower Heads

Key Features

  • Self-cleaning system to keep external glazing clean and sparkling for longer
  • Hydrophilic layer prevents water spotting on shower screens and bathroom fixtures
  • Contains anti-fog technology to eliminate steam and condensation on surfaces
  • Easily removes soap scum, dirt and grime from bathroom surfaces and glass
  • Can also be used for around the home; windows, doors, tiles, mirrors and more

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