Nilco C1 Kitchen Grease Buster Cleaner Spray - 1L



Nilco C1 Kitchen Grease Buster is an alkaline, solvent-free cleaner/degreaser/sanitizer primarily designed for use in the catering industry.

This product possesses NSF registration in accordance with clause D2, covering sanitizers for all surfaces not always requiring a rinse.

NSF Registration Number 141338.

Where to use

Nilco C1 Kitchen Grease Buster is suitable for use on all water and alkali resistant hard surfaces, for heavy-duty cleaning applications.

This product is particularly effective for the removal of fatty and oily soils in kitchen and food preparation areas and possesses excellent anti-bacterial properties.

Where not to use

Aluminium or other soft alloys.

Vitreous surfaces formulated for kitchen and other catering applications.

On food contact areas where overspray or product retention is expected.

Nilco C1 Kitchen Grease Buster may be used to clean food preparation and storage areas provided that all residues are removed, and it is used in accordance with the instructions provided, with additional warm water rinsing where necessary.

Always use Nilco C1 Kitchen Grease Buster with extreme caution on cementitious or decorative marble substrates. Always assess on an inconspicuous area prior to use.


Maccess distributes Nilco C1 Kitchen Grease Buster to trade customers in bulk quantities.

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