Nilco C3 Appliance Descaler Spray - 1L | Case of 6 | £4.74 Each



Nilco C3 Appliance Descaler is a low viscosity acidic descaler designed primarily to rapidly remove hard water deposits from domestic electrical appliances and other equipment.

Nilco C3 Appliance Descaler is an improved version of the original Nilco Appliance Descaler, with instant dissolution in water, and faster and greater destructive power on limescale and other hard water deposits.

Where to use

Nilco C3 Appliance Descaler may be used on all acid resistant substrates for the removal of hard water and limescale deposits from domestic appliances, and other fixtures and fittings including taps, shower screens, washbasins etc.

Where not to use

On any enamelled or vitreous surfaces.

Gold plated taps, fixtures and fittings.

On decorative surfaces.

Limescale and other hard water deposits bond strongly to many surfaces, and removal will often expose a surface with a duller appearance than adjacent unaffected areas.

Always use Nilco C3 Appliance Descaler with extreme caution on areas adjacent to cementicious or decorative marble substrates.

Avoid all contact with substrates of unknown composition. Always assess on an inconspicuous area prior to use.


Nilco C3 Appliance Descaler is also available in single quantities.


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