Nilco H17 Leather Cleaner & Restorer Spray - 500ml



Nilco H17 Leather Cleaner and Restorer is a blend of gentle cleaners and conditioners to remove everyday soiling.

Ideal for regular use, this product will also help to keep the leather supple and reduce premature aging and cracking.

Where to use

Nilco H17 Leather Cleaner & Restorer is suitable for domestic and automotive leather upholstery. Leather articles such as shoes, handbags, belts and other accessories.

Where not to use

Nilco H17 Leather Cleaner & Restorer may not be used on untreated leather such as suede. Other types of fabric/upholstery.


Removes everyday soils, dirt & grime from leather upholstery.

Nilco H17 Leather Cleaner & Restorer's 3 in 1 action - Cleans, restores & protects.

Regular use helps prevent drying & cracking of leather.

Pleasantly fragranced and water-repellent formulation.

Restores lustre & shine to your leather.


Maccess distributes Nilco H17 Leather Cleaner & Restorer to trade customers in bulk quantities. 

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