Nilco Nilfog™ PPE Anti Mist Spray - 500ml | Case of 6 | £4.39 Each



Nilco Nilfog™ PPE Anti Mist Spray eliminates condensation that can occur on PPE and protective eyewear, such as googles, visors, glasses, helmets and screens.

The strong anti-fog formulation in Nilco Nilfog™ creates a micro-thin film, allowing for clear visibility and a streak-free finish.

Nilco Nilfog™ stops fogging on PPE.

Leaves a streak-free finish.



1. Clean the surface, ensuring that it is throughly dry before application.

2. Spray Nilco Nilfog™ directly on the surface.

3. Using a lint free cloth, buff until dry.


Note: Always test Nilco Nilfog™ on a small inconspicuous area before general application.


Nilco Nilfog™ PPE Anti Mist Spray is also available in single quantities. 


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