Nilco Nilpure Ocean Spa Scented Hand Sanitiser - 5L x 12 with Free Nilco Sanitising Station



Not all hand sanitisers are the same!

Nilco Nilpure sanitises, moisturises & freshens in one.

The Serious Bit

Stay safe and sanitise with Nilpure 70% alcohol formula. It gets to work killing those nasty viruses and bacteria.

The Fun Bit

A few seconds after using this product the alcohol aroma will disappear to reveal geranium, neroli & eucalyptus freeing your senses and allowing you to escape and wander the plains of paradise, with the echoes of the ocean behind you.

The Sensitive Bit

This super smooth, non-sticky blend of moisturisers and aloe vera extract soothe and calm your skin. Combating dry skin and leaving your hands soft, nourished, and protected. This product is great for adults and children of all ages.

The Science Bit

Nilco takes the science behind the fun very seriously, all of our hand gels are formulated to BS EN 1500 Hygienic Hand Rub European Standards, manufactured under HMRC Alcohol License, in accordance with strict ISO 9001 regulations, on ATEX rated equipment.

The How to Use Bit:

  1. Refill your hand sanitiser bottles or dispensers.
  2. Apply a small amount of gel into the palm of your hand.
  3. Spread over fingertips, palms and the backs of your hands until dry.
  4. Take a deep breath, smell your hands and relax. (This is not compulsory but highly recommended).

Note: Do not wipe off or rinse. Use only as directed.

Nilco 'No Touch' Hand Sanitising Station floor stand

Nilco 'No Touch' Hand Sanitising Station floor stand strong aluminium composite design wipe down panels ready assembled commercial quality.

A free-standing, fully Nilco branded, no-touch hand sanitizer station.

Manufactured in the UK from strong aluminum composite materials.

A sleek, low profile, modern designed ideal for any Warehouses, Retail environment, Office receptions, Shop entrances, Banking halls, Coffee Shops, Pubs & Restaurants, Cinemas, Showrooms, Venue entrances, etc...

Constructed from formed 3mm thick aluminium plate-wipe clean panels. Fabrication and assembly UKAS approved ISO9001:2015 quality system.

The station comes fitted with a clear view automatic dispenser that dispenses up to 700 x 1ml shots of hand sanitizer tested to 50,000 cycles. Requires 4 AA batteries (supplied). The unit has a built-in base for stability.

Size: 1400mm(H) x 300mm(W) x 300mm max. Weight: Approx. 14kgs Delivery: The unit comes boxed, fully assembled ready to use straight out of the box.

Nilco brand trusted by professionals.

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