Swarfega Duck Oil Aero Multi-Purpose Grease - 500ml



The ultra concentrated multipurpose traffic film remover uses a formula which maximises the chemical concentration for diluting with water.

The high economical formula produces 25 litres of ready to use traffic film remover from diluting 2.5 Litres of concentrate

Swarfega is a brand of heavy-duty hand cleaner made by Deb Limited, a British company based in Denby, Derbyshire, and is used in engineering and other oily, dirty, manual trades, such as printing.

Swarfega is used by working a small amount into dry skin, then wiping or rinsing off.

As with other such cleaners, it can be more effective than soap or other common cleansing products at removing such dirt; Swarfega became virtually ubiquitous in environments where this kind of dirt is common, such as garages and machine shops.

  • Multipurpose aerosol spray grease
  • Releases seized parts
  • Prevents rust
  • Easy to use and silicone free

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