Swarfega Power Hand Cleaner Pump - 4L



Powerful, fast acting and versatile hand cleanser combining natural citrus oil extract and cornmeal hand scrub for a deep-down clean to remove ingrained oil and grease as well as some paints and adhesives. Contains moisturiser to help care for the skin.

  • Orange oil extract based formula works rapidly and effectively to remove a wide range of deeply ingrained and difficult to remove soilings such as oil, grease, tar, inks, bitumen, many adhesives, most oil based paints and general grime.
  • Contains non-abrasive cornmeal scrub to give a deep-down clean without damaging the skin.
  • Works quickly and easily rinses away to leave no residue on the skin.
  • Contains jojoba oil and wheatgerm extract, a source of Vitamin E, to help leave the skin soft and supple after use
  • Contains refined lanolin derivative, a super faTTing conditioner, which helps the skin replace lost moisture whilst working and leaves it feeling soft and supple after use

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