Swarfega Power Moisturising Hand Cleaner Cartridge - 4L



The Swarfega Power range is a fast acting and versatile hand cleaner, combining natural citrus oil extract and cornmeal hand scrub. The advanced formulation is designed to remove ingrained oil, grease, paints and adhesives quickly and efficiently.

Working on your vehicle can be a messy job, with lots of oil and greasy deposits building up on your hands and skin.

Removing these deposits can be a tricky job without the use of a strong and effective hand cleaner. For a guaranteed skin-friendly clean, you know you can rely on Swarfega.

The non-abrasive cornmeal scrub gives a deep-down clean without damaging the skin, whilst the jojoba oil and wheat germ extract, a source of Vitamin E, help leave the skin soft and supple.

For use with the SWA4000D dispenser

Powerful hand Cleaner with cornmeal handscrub to remove ingrained oil and grease as well as some paints and adhesives.

Swarfega Power 4LTR Cartridge

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