Swarfega Stop Quick Brake Clutch Cleaner Tin - 5L



A highly effective, quick drying brake and clutch cleaner. The low surface tension of this specialist formulation allows it to rapidly disperse across surfaces to dampen and absorb brake dust and particles.

Quick Drying - Optimum cleaning time allows theformulation to work, but ensures the surface driesquickly to leave it clean and with no oily residue.

Excellent WeTTing Properties - The low surfacetension of this specialist formulation allows it to rapidlydisperse across surfaces to dampen and absorb brakedust and particles.

Instant Action - Starts working instantly to loosen dirtand grime.

Economic - Low surface tension means it rapidlyspreads across components for quicker and moreeconomical cleaning.

Ozone Friendly - Contains no CFCs or HCFCs whichmay damage the ozone layer.

Versatile - Can be used on all external brake parts,clutches, carbureTTors, callipers, contacts, startermotors, springs and pistons.

Compatible - Overspray will not damage paintwork,will not corrode metal components and in normal usewill not damage most plastics and rubbercomponents.

Fully Tested - Extensively tested for its provencompatibility with clutch and brake systems.

Powerful - Removes oil, lubricants, grease, brakefluid, brake dust, diesel, general dirt and grime.

Lemon Odour - Pleasant to use.

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