T-Cut Classic Clay Bar Kit




The T-Cut Clay Bar Kit is a special blend of all the lubricants and materials needed to remove surface contamination from paint and leaves your vehicle's finish clean and super smooth. Claying is car cleaning's best kept secret and it makes a really big difference to how your car's paint looks and feels. It is recommended to use the clay bar twice a year to remove the harder contaminants that get stuck in the paintwork and to maintain that perfect finish.

Removes tough contaminants stuck in paintwork
Helps maintain a super smooth surface
Leaves your car with a showroom shine

1. Wash your vehicle with a good quality car shampoo (such as Triplewax) and dry car thoroughly with a chamois or microfibre cloth.

2. Work the clay bar by folding and kneading the bar until it softens up then flatten it out in your hand before using.

3. Spray the T-Cut Clay liquid evenly onto a small section of the bodywork (approximately one square foot). Then rub the clay bar in straight line motions over the lubricated section, using light hand pressure, until the surface becomes smooth and the clay bar stops dragging.

4. Shake the T-Cut Clay Wax bottle, pour onto a damp microfibre cloth, applying evenly to a section at a time and buff to a deep high gloss shine. Repeat application as required.

5. All done.......it's as easy as that!

Note: Safe to use on all paintwork. You can use the T-Cut Clay bar kit on most smooth, hard surfaces, including glass (exterior) and alloy wheels.

Do not use on clear plastic, such as headlight lenses as it may cause 'fogging'.

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