T Cut Grey Car Bumper & Trim Treatment Kit Plastic Rubber Vinyl Colour Restorer




T-Cut permanent bumper & trim treatment is the number one permanent solution for sun-faded bumpers and trims. The easy to use kits are made up of two components; degreaser and dressing.

Kit contains: -
Degreaser - 125ml
Dressing - 200ml
Microfibre Cloth

Step 1: Bumper Restoration Degreaser

A Powerful, acid-free cleaner that instantly removes stubborn grease and grime deposits;

1. Apply product liberally to the bumper and allow to soak for 30 seconds.
2. Agitate the surface to remove dirt and grease and silicone.
3. Rinse off thoroughly with clean water.
4. Dry completely before applying T-Cut Bumper Dressing.

Step 2: Bumper Dressing

Revives the black colour back or sun-faded bumpers and trims. For use after T-Cut Bumper Restoration Degreaser.
1. Ensure area is clean and de-greased using T-Cut Bumper Restoration Degreaser.
2. Shake bottle well for at least 2 minutes or until contents are fully dispersed.
3. Press the applicator on area to be dressed, releasing fluid
4. Ensure applicator sponge stays saturated with dressing to prevent any streaking.
5. Apply an even coat to entire surface. *Do not apply in direct sunlight or temperatures below 10°c and above 20°c.
6. Allow to dry (15-20 mins). A second coat may be required.



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