T-Cut Vehicle Paintwork Restoration, Wax, Scratch Remover, Headlight Clean & Restore Kit



The T-Cut Restoration Kit contains 5 products designed to restore your vehicle headlights and paintwork to their showroom shine, and lock in the paintwork finish with T-cut Wax.

T-Cut Rapid Scratch Remover quickly and safely removes swirl marks, paint transfer and light scratches from vehicle paintwork with newer waterborne coatings, xirallics and metallic composite acrylic paints.

T-Cut Headlight Restoration Kit restores yellow or lightly scratched headlights back to crystal clear.

T-Cut Scratch Remover eliminates scratches & stone chips in one quick application. Its clear formula is suitable to use on all paint colours & finishes, including metallics.

T-Cut Wax Applicator Set with Handle - Super soft microfiber and foam pad evenly applies waxes, polishes, sealants, creams, and glazes

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