Triplewax Car Wash, Polish, Interior ,Cleaning Mega Bucket Kit



The Triplewax Mega Bucket contains 8 products designed to wash, wax and polish your vehicle interior and exterior

Triplewax Wash & Wax cuts through dirt and grime, leaving a brilliant protective shine with every wash, guaranteeing a spotless, streak free finish. Triplewax Polish blends 3 waxes to deliver paintwork protection and a deep glossy shine.

Triplewax Tyre Shine cleans and conditions tyre walls restoring colour and providing a long lasting wet look tyre finish. Triplewax Bumper Shine restores colour & shine to bumpers and trim instatly with protection against fading.

Triplewax Fabric Cleaner remoces dirt and grime from all types of fabric leaving a protective layer over the upholstery. Triplewax Dash Shine cleans dashboards and interior plastic trim, leaving a satin finish.

Triplewax 3 in 1 microfibre wsh mitt designed to gently and thoroughly clean your vehicle, with additional bug shifting panel to remove baked on dirt and grime. Plus Triplewax Microfibre cloth triple pack for a gentle clean, and smear free finish.

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