Triplewax Diamond Wash, Wax and Shine paintwork Kit



The Triplewax Diamond Collection contains 4 products designed to clean and restore a showroom shine quickly

Triplewax Liquid Gold quickly and easily cuts through all types of dirt and grim, and features self-drying technology for a streak free finish.

Triplewax Diamond Liquid Carnauba Wax contains natural hard wax which nourishes and protects, bringing back that showroom shine - wash after wash.

Triplewax 3 in 1 microfibre wsh mitt designed to gently and thoroughly clean your vehicle, with additional bug shifting panel to remove baked on dirt and grime.

Triplewax Applicator Pad is a soft microfibre construction pad that is highly absorbent. It holds the wax and applies evenly with minimum effort. Plus Triplewax Microfibre cloth triple pack for a gentle clean, and smear free finish.

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