Wonder Wheels Clean & Touch Up Kit Gun Metal Grey



Wonder Wheels Paint Touch-Up Restoration Kit

The kit includes:

  • Wonder Wheels - Touch-Up Pen
  • Wonder Wheels - Colour Active Super Wheel Cleaner 600ml
  • Wonder Wheels - All Black Gloss Tyre Gel 500ml

Wheel Touch-Up Pens are ideal for repairing small chips and scratches on your car wheels. The pens come in a range of gloss finish colours; silver, gunmetal and black, for a discreet and less noticeable repair.

Note: This product is intended to disguise and mask the appearance of stone chips, fine scratches and also protect the paint from further deterioration. It is not intended to produce a perfect and invisible repair.

Colour Active Super Wheel Cleaner is an acid free and pH balanced wheel cleaner suitable for use on all wheel types, including chrome, unlacquered, split rims, anodised and damaged wheels.

Colour Active Super Wheel Cleaner easily removes baked on brake dust, road grime, dirt, grease and oil quickly and effectively with minimal effort.

The advanced formula will react with any brake dust on the surface of the wheel and, using the colour changing technology, will turn deep red as it reacts with contaminants. The product can then be washed off using a pressure washer or garden hose. Dirty wheels will be transformed back to their original, sparkling showroom shine.

Wonder Wheels All Black Tyre Gloss will revitalise the tyres and trim to provide optimum shine and ultimate protection which lasts and lasts - whatever the weather!


Step 1 - Spray Wonder Wheels Colour Active onto the wheel, leave for 5 minutes and watch your wheel turn deep red as it reacts and dissolves dirt and brake dust. Wash off with a power washer or a sponge and water.

Step 2 - Before applying Wonder Wheels Touch-Up Pen, remove any loose or damaged paintwork. Brush on a thin layer and allow to dry. Depending on how damaged your wheels are you may require more than one coat.

Step 3 - Apply Wonder Wheels All Black Tyre Gloss to clean dry tyres, using a sponge or lint free cloth. Apply a second coat for an even glossier shine.

The Wonder Wheels Touch-Up Pen includes a brush for any large scuffs, and a precision nib for more intricate repairs.


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