Wonder Wheels Original Wheel Cleaner, Wheel Sealant, Tyre Gloss Kit



The Wonder Wheels Original Wheel Kit contains 4 products to clean, revitalise and seal your wheels and tyres.

Wonder Wheels Original is the number one selling and multiple award winning alloy wheel cleaner. It is designed to cut through dirt, grease and brake dust instantly. For use on lacquered heels, steel wheels and plastic wheel trims with outstanding results.

Wonder Wheels Wheel sealant leaves an invisible, protective shield over the wheel surface, creating a barrier against the build up of stubborn grime and dirt. Produces a super repellent Nano film which when rained on or rinsed with water, self cleans.

Wonder Wheels All Black Gloss Tyre Gel will revitalise the tyres and trim to provide optimum shine and ultimate protection which lasts and lasts whatever the weather!

Alloy wheel brush features non-abrasive durable bristles perfect for cleaning brake dust, road grime and dirt from wheels.

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